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July 17, 2009

Cardigans....Dope for any season

Cardigans are good to go for any season. But my favorite is the second one of course. Im into originality and new new things. I dont like to be plain but i dont like to have a enormous

Wow. I passed out today in the doctores office!

So today i went to the doctors office.
Got a little bit to many shots, then one shot was like it i was overdosed, then i passed out when they tried drawing blood from me. Everyione was bugged out. I was just out and my head was hurting. i laugh at this becasue i cant believe this haoppened, but ppl worry(IDK why) it was HILARIOUS.LOL. sike anw but i ahve a serious headache. I need some Motrin.!!

July 15, 2009

Oh wow. IM just messed up in the head right now!!

thats my
I think i did something abd. but then i know i didnt. i think its something called "guilt" i guess. Its confusing. Im sitting here watching Family Guy. I dont know about the clothing line people my friend and I are not getting in touch. its a "wow!" text me. I dont answer calls unless i see your number. "basically saying i dont pick up to blocked callers!"

-nnamz signing out....
Peace you dreams..(positive)
F.I.T for college Yall...
High school years hear i come!!!!

POw! Chalk art

Chalk art is dope i googled these imnages by the way. My good friend Nick told e about this type of art sometime ago. Once i saw it i fell in love all over again lol. The way that chalk art was made so that it would lok as it the paintings where 3-D...These art works are done with Chalk(duh)Quality of these paintings are as good like art painting. Chalk art is becoming familiar these days and its not as easy as we think. Its not a basic item as we use in school like we have chalk board and chalk holder. Chalk art is UNIQUE!

July 14, 2009

Triple Fat Goose (inspired by Digg)

Triple Fat goose is indeed a kewl clothing line. Their vest, hats, fleece, jackets and evrything is dope.

July 12, 2009


So just got the news that my cousin is coming back. Im so happy becasue i ahvent seen him in like 3-4 yeras...But he lived with us for like 4 years though(i guess)
just so happy..
oh yea comment my post...follow me and i will surely follow you...ummm
yea im trying to get in touch with my friend so that we can get this line is order...havent talk ed to him in a while either lol....

Pablo Picasso

Self POrtrait
Fine Art
Head of a woman
Pablo Picasso is indeed my favorite artist...He inspires me with his way of art..I got some of my ideas when drawing from his paintings of course..Idk why but his paintings interest me!!. I remember drawing one of his paintings. I am not the best artist but i kno i can be and i have my coloring pencils and sketch book to prove