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March 21, 2010


So wussup everyone? Yes, this is one of many pictures taken from my photoshoot.(photographer: Rex Lott)
it took about 4hrs. it was though, i just wanted tom come back and say yea i ahvent posted in a while because ive been so busy with this modeling/acting industry. ITS NO JOKE. but i have checked out alot of peoples blogs, theyare so dope. some of the blogs inspired me to make a few changes. and i need your help to give me a few tips on something new that should come on my blog.i have some ideas like, QUESTION OF THE DAY and everyone can answer it. uhm, FASION DOs and DONTS, on latest fashion messes celebrities wear to WHAT YOU SHOULD WEAR THAT WOULD LOOK NICE. SO COMMENT ON THE BLOG. TELL EM IF THAT WOULD EB DOPE. AND yea tell people about my blog.the views are starting to go down people, lets change that.!!! thank you

more photo-(shots):