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November 1, 2009

People love mystery, and that is why they love my paintings-Salvador Dali

Part futuristic and nostalgic, part triumphant and tragic, part pop art and architectural Masakatsu Sashie’stremendous paintings are depictions of decaying civilizations punctuated–and possibly being observed by–giant, self-contained, floating spheres. His work, besides being visually strong, conjures up many a question: is this time after civilization, is this an entirely pessimistic view of our current state (after all, video game machines can’t be that bad), and, most of all, why is a dystopian future so hard to look away from?-SWIPELIFE.COM

WhaTs Good.? Is my blog views going down or UP.?

is this pic dope?_i think so

So i just checked out jevon and hiphopcultures blog
they are tough btw go check them out.!
Anyways, i know i havent been up with the blogging game
but i wanted to ask my followers and some newcomers. . .
is my blog getting wack or not interesting at a point.?
becasue there are alot of things i want to do
but the picture in my head looks wack in reality. you feel me.?
but yea just comemnt and give me some ideas i can do to make my blogg fun or something.
iom making changes as you read this btw.
so continue 2 come 2 my blog and tell ppl about me..
thanks 4 the love and
uhh PEACE.!