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November 1, 2009

WhaTs Good.? Is my blog views going down or UP.?

is this pic dope?_i think so

So i just checked out jevon and hiphopcultures blog
they are tough btw go check them out.!
Anyways, i know i havent been up with the blogging game
but i wanted to ask my followers and some newcomers. . .
is my blog getting wack or not interesting at a point.?
becasue there are alot of things i want to do
but the picture in my head looks wack in reality. you feel me.?
but yea just comemnt and give me some ideas i can do to make my blogg fun or something.
iom making changes as you read this btw.
so continue 2 come 2 my blog and tell ppl about me..
thanks 4 the love and
uhh PEACE.!


Jevon said...

Its not that its wack its just you haven't posted in a while, Your blog is dope id say its one of the top three and up near diggys. Not many are on that level but your deff up there man. keep it up
I think ur doing an amazing job man

Nnamz said...

appreciate the love bro.!

HipHopCulture said...

Keeep it up man.

Bianca said...

Nice picture.
Keep up the great blog

roxy said...


Nnamz said...

thanks 4 the love and imma look at your blogs.