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July 3, 2009

Whoa.Kewl Day!

today was ok...I woke up went to the barbershop came bacc with no haircut..Played around, txted chatted with dez..this business is going good so far i guess..I am not connecting with my friends since school ended. They are beginning( i hate to say this) to act STANK!!!...Hey its my opinion right. Listening to kanye, michael jackson, drake nd weezy,,its kind of fun since its 2:06 in the morning..HAPPY fourth of JULY!!!(fireworks rawk!!!)...Ironic im listening to kanye and i am looking at him on TV.Wow..In the bed blogging it up. Kinda of sleepy..Will indeed come on blog later on in the day..i have to sleep now....

God Bless
(and what ever you need to spruce or up your day)

im kind of just did something to diminish time...

July 2, 2009

July 1, 2009

A little bit about how i look

Just me. I know ppl wante dto see how i look.....Nice pics right...I am a pro at editing pictures..God Bless nd peace/Love


Your future is what you should depend on. Gave a hand full of friends because the rest are not going to stick around for long..I woke up to a beautiful day....talking to my partner(manager)...we are maing a clothing line it's hard though..we came up with new products its kewl. TRyna see if i can talk to diggy..Desmond is kewl nd funny. I am ready for a photo are kewl...when they are not in the air..Hhaha..Gettin a i can blog mobily nd just space nd email...I need it bcuz im in a business now nd i need to update nd upgrade everything..starting with clothes...i need triple M's... need of it..but oncethe business start i am going to be able to get them.....

The Hot Stuff

triple M's
Gourmets(red of course)
Gold (24kgold)ambassodors

June 30, 2009

Dunks,jordans...i uploaded vuitton but idk....i will get these after our clothing line is in...

My thoughts...dang i FEEL good....PYT (pretty young thang)

so i think i am an assiatnt of the new big thing ppl..Its a surprise. Desmond is cool...seems like i knew him forever.....txtin this guy lol...Wow my heart is pounding. Never felt this way b4...(no homO) i mean like i feel good nd sounds weird but true...WOW....Coming out with a video of my morning in the morning going to post it tomorrow....
Im making a clothing...its coming soon....every one...and i wantr diggy to help me out on this one...Its kind of like graffitti....buh better....i want the clothingt to be called OUtterMeans..or NextDecade...I want something cool...Anyways...Trying to see when runs house comes back going to saddle river to meet my aunt nd i might visit the Simmons just to let them get to know me...I dnt live ion a mansion..buh i could...I have money so much that we can a have a mansion..but we xhoose other wise..bcuz if we buy a mansion we may not have anymore money. thats a lie...buh we just dnt wanna waist money...wen i go off to college...rust nd believ im going to a school diggy is going too

Yeezy's completes fashion i guess???

Ok ok ok...Now i am wondering where in the world can i get yeezy's from. i want them so bad...they are need of it...and yes i have a twitter. oh yea about yeezy's wg=hen did they come out...i need to get some skinnys also...or khaki's......
june 30th
god bless

June 30, 2009

this the first time im on this. So daily or every 2 days i will write what i am doing. I just woke up. I saw that diggy had a blog nd i looked as his nd i thought it was cool so i made one. Just watched degrassi nd watchin like mike. Basketball later on, email me me myspace is have the G1 but i refuse to text anonymous ppl....buh juss hit me up nd i will get your number....(no homo)if its boys.....girls are number #1