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July 3, 2009

Whoa.Kewl Day!

today was ok...I woke up went to the barbershop came bacc with no haircut..Played around, txted chatted with dez..this business is going good so far i guess..I am not connecting with my friends since school ended. They are beginning( i hate to say this) to act STANK!!!...Hey its my opinion right. Listening to kanye, michael jackson, drake nd weezy,,its kind of fun since its 2:06 in the morning..HAPPY fourth of JULY!!!(fireworks rawk!!!)...Ironic im listening to kanye and i am looking at him on TV.Wow..In the bed blogging it up. Kinda of sleepy..Will indeed come on blog later on in the day..i have to sleep now....

God Bless
(and what ever you need to spruce or up your day)

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