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June 30, 2009

Yeezy's completes fashion i guess???

Ok ok ok...Now i am wondering where in the world can i get yeezy's from. i want them so bad...they are need of it...and yes i have a twitter. oh yea about yeezy's wg=hen did they come out...i need to get some skinnys also...or khaki's......
june 30th
god bless


Desmond said...

Where I live the yeezy's are sold at my local "Champs" store r "Footlocker"

F.L.Y TreNDSETTER said...

dis is mand fiyal im coppin.ay kidd follow my blog.

Gadgets and Fashion said...

i kno gud nd well u cant cop no dang on yeezys at no Champs or footlocker. Sorry Nnamz, buchya boi desmond gave some completely false info. Cum on over to to get the real deal on the yeezys! Desmond u's funny, u prbbly just didn't kno any better but kno ur info before u kumment!haha