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July 15, 2009

Oh wow. IM just messed up in the head right now!!

thats my
I think i did something abd. but then i know i didnt. i think its something called "guilt" i guess. Its confusing. Im sitting here watching Family Guy. I dont know about the clothing line people my friend and I are not getting in touch. its a "wow!" text me. I dont answer calls unless i see your number. "basically saying i dont pick up to blocked callers!"

-nnamz signing out....
Peace you dreams..(positive)
F.I.T for college Yall...
High school years hear i come!!!!


jabril said...

hey man i am following you so plz follow me remember you said you were going to follow me

Gadgets and Fashion said...

desmond was lying. I knew he didn't know diggy when he said he lived in new jersey but his phone number had a different area code and he was talkin bout how his number was a different area code cuz he was out of town! I mean who gets a different phone for each state. But u gotta learn u cant trust evryone, u know.