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July 17, 2009

Cardigans....Dope for any season

Cardigans are good to go for any season. But my favorite is the second one of course. Im into originality and new new things. I dont like to be plain but i dont like to have a enormous


tee said...

Love the sweaters! Sweet blog.

Follow me please =]


Cool blog Nnamz. the second 1 iz da best.

I really like r blog. Keep up the good work. Dueces!

ashpowWOW said...

love the 2nd 4th and 5th !
I love your blog !

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im following yours !

A Kid Named TR3! said...

ay yo blog is tyte im followin u so u should follow me

Roee Farjoun said...

cool blog

follow comment and tell me what u think as i did to your blog

Olivia said...

i LOVE a guy in a cardigan!
Ur Blog is Super KEWL!
im followin you, FOLLOW ME!!

CC said...

cardigans are nice

Nadi and Anna said...

I agree, the second looks nice.

Gadgets and Fashion said...

Hey Nnamz could u promote my blog in a blog to help me get more followers. Thanx.

Nnamz said...

yea...its goin to take time...bvcuz im doin some stuff and its gunna take a worries tho