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September 7, 2009

Use the arrogance as esteem to power her dreams!

Follow her. Her blog is tight. Revolves around fashion,music,nd art. Its
She is one of few blogs i come 2 look at.
check out her not going 2 spill all the details but the blog is somewhat addicting. the music is sick


KS said...

Whats up man,

well im guessing you will have all your sketches done and im guessing youll be starting out with tshirts so youll need to know your budget.youll need to callculate the costs for hiring a graphic designer(for when you need your designs made digitally if you dont have your own design software)
how many t shirts you need made you need to get each t shirt made in atleast s,m,l minimum about 20 of each size.
you will also need to pay a monthly fee if you want an online store to sell on so i would recommend,
you wont really be having meetings with a design team unless you hire one but that is real pricey so you should stick to doing all the designs yourself,
you will need to trademark your name, this isnt essential for your first couple of seasons as youll still be a small and growing brand,
once you have t shirts produced you will have to aproach stores you want to sell in so you will need line sheets,business cards etc

theres also allot more things that need to be done but just take it at one step at a time, but if you tell me what stage you currently are at i can give you detail about what you need to do next,
hope that helped a little so just leave a comment to tell me where you are

Nnamz said...

ok i have all th sketches
i need 2 make the t-shirts.
how much is it 2 hire some one 2 do it digitally or something like that

KS said...

well to hire someone to do all your t shirts digitally will be about $200-$300. do you not have any family or friends who are good at graphic design?
my email so reply to this comment in an email.

Bianca said...

My cousin is Pops Mensah Bonsu.
Which now plays for the Hoston Rockets

scell the swagg man said...

did u ever find out were u can buy yeezy at... yo her blog is so dope

vaughn said...

nnamz ur blog is dope and i think its good that different designers r coming out so keep up the good work and please follow my blog at and give me some ideas i just started yesterday