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September 8, 2009

"Happy?" Not so much

So toorrow i go back to school. I wont be on as much so thats why i was online for the whole day 2day.
Well i will getting back on when i get out of school. Probably 3oclcok or so
keep coming to my blog
Thanks for the comments and everything.
Ill blog in the morning so ic na accept the comments and check ppl blogs just in case you posted something i didnt see
um yea
im getting my phone soon
so ill be blogging much much..much
but goodday 2you all
good night bloggers
well i wont b asleep cuz ui gotta watch the daddys girls new epsiode
let me stop talkin not...
peace&love&the pursuit oif happiness


Tammy said...

Good luck at school. Lol
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Nnamz said...

i am following

Tammy said...

I know...just a tagline. I post on all my comments.

JUSTIN said...

yo sup man.. I couldnt blog for a while had some issues at home but nvm im back in the bloggin game so im happy with that!.. but do you got aim? pce

HipHopCulture said...

To badd ya got to go to school, I got to go to college. If ya a fan of hip hop check out my blog or follow me. I like your other post about Louis Vuitton bags. I gonna follow you , follow me if ya can or if ya wanna.

Bianca said...

Woah your lucky i started school 2 weeks ago and you didnt have a phone? Woah i have had one since 5th grade! Anways Have fun at school.
Over here we get out in May

Nnamz said...

ye ame too bianca
and my aim is : ifreshkidd13

Nnamz said...

i mean me 2 bianca
i get out may

Bianca said...

Nice do you guys have a lot of snow days?

Nnamz said...

naw when it snows we have school

Camille said...

Damn u fawn boy how old u il????? comment or e-mail me back