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October 2, 2011

Just Can't Get ENOUGH

HI  blog fam, yes it's NNAMZ. I know I've been ignoring my blog alot and i said i was going to be on it more. But im going to try harder to get back on actually this time. But recently i started my junior year in high school. I'm 16, I'm about to get my permit and i have a jobbbb ^_^. SO after probably my second or third paycheck i will pay for the screen or digital prints for the shirts/sweaters and then i will be selling them, i'll give more info on it later. I'm sooo happy and hyped about my life right now. The journey begins :). . . 

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i miss my blog fam alot so just stay in touch with me :D


MalibuMara said...

dang, it seems like forever ago. LOL.


Nnamz said...

lol i know right, ages ago! but im back :D