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January 22, 2011


-nnamdi nwaoduh

1.Some of the readers may not know a lot about you, can you tell us a some things about yourself? (Where you grew up,age, etc)
Well on my birth certificate my mother chose to name me Dominique N. Brown born in livingston, NJ hospital on top of the hill. Raised in Newark/Irvington NJ but went to school in Maplewood NJ. I'm 20 years of age I was born in 90's so I'm from the generation of the harlem shake lol. I'm the baby between me and my brother growing up I didn't have my father in my life for the most part so my mother was forced to play both roles of the mom and dad. Currently interning for Sean "Diddy" Combs and Warner Music Group in Manhattan, NY in the United Stats Of America while trying to become a author and manage my own brand called The Kandy Castle

2. What do you want to be?

I just want to be somebody to tell you the truth I never wanted to be famous all I ever wanted to be was a somebody. But I'm a designer, stylist, and soon to be author

3. What are your future goals in life?

 I just want to inspire the generation after me thru everything that I do. With all the new people that I meet on a day to day basics whether its facebook or twitter I forget how many kids or even people there are in this world that don't have any drive to make an attempt to do what they dream. Especially the fact that some grow up in poverty or they are just surrounded by an environment that's full of negativity with people telling them their dream is is unrealistic or that its Impossible. REMEMBER when someone tells you that's IMPOSSIBLE they're really said [IM][POSSIBLE]. So that's my main goal is to inspire before I expire 

4.Kandy Castle is your soon to be out clothing line. Why did you choose that name? And what made you want to have a clothing line?
 What made me choose that name is because in middle school I was the female hustler that pretty much sold everything out of my locker. I used to have my mom take me shopping at cosco's wholesale store and I would buy bulks of candy, gum, etc and I would make goodie bags in ziplock bags. Especially during thanksgiving time I would cut up pieces of sweet potato pie hide them in the teachers lounge fridge and my friends used to meet up with me at my locker which they would call the candy shop. 

What made me want to have a brand was the fact that in middle school and high school I would actually do make hand painted t-shirts for my friends and a friend of mine said "Dom with your talent you should make a clothing line that s**t would sell like crazy". So that's what I did I printed up a screen printed shirt for the girls that sold out in 3 days. I went to take a visit at my old high school boys came up to me and said we need shirts too. So it just progressed from there

5. What/Who inspires you to do the sketches for your line?

What inspires some of my sketches is definitely the music I listen to when I know I'm about to sketch I throw on my old school music like The TemptationsIsley Brothers, The O'Jays and I sketch away. NOW who inspires my sketches umm I would have to say Kaws his art is incredible, graffitti, Complex Magizine there art brings me to a totally different level so things in that nature

6. Who do you look up to when you think you have no one else to go to? Or who inspires you to go full force at what you do?

When I feel like there's no one else to I turn to GOD to be honest and I pray for guidance and wisdom when times get hard that's who I turn to. Who inspires me to go full force definitely my team The Great E$tate everyone on my team goes hard because The Great E$tate is not a movement its a work ethic so theres no time to slack especially in the industry. Also my mom because even tho we don't see eye to eye sometimes my mother's work ethic is always on point like no other so that definitely motivates me

7. Is there anything that you have done in your life so far that can help you out in the future? (Jobs, teams, meeting people)?

Of course. Meeting people like Great $cott, Rahfeal Gordon (who is a motivational speaker), & Raheim Robinson who is my mentor while I intern for Diddy. Interning for Diddy has already put me in a great position because when I'm their I'm always looking at my surroundings and observing different things. Learning the in's & out's of how a brand is ran gives me great insight on things.

8.What is you're definition of Being SUCCESSFUL and Being DEIFFERENT?
Being SUCCESSFUL is when you can wake up and do what you want/love to do on a daily basics. Being DIFFERENT is not being afraid to take a step outside the box and just doing something that someone else is scared to do. NOT conforming to the norm that's what being different is to me

9.Where do you see yourself in a couple of years?and what do you see yourself doing?
 I see myself traveling to different states and countries lecturing to different colleges sharing my story to help inspire others. I see myself owning a yacht sipping on apple cider (because I don't drink) lol and I just see myself living my life to the fullest by any means necessary 

10.Is there any quote or saying that you live by or find interesting?
Yes there's a few quotes that I live by: "Why say sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon", "You can work for someone else & make a living or work for yourself & make a fortune", last but not least "There is no need to have plan B because it distracts from plan A if theres ever a plan B its to make plan A work"

11.Thank you for a lot! And I wish the best for you. Is there anything else you would like to say?

No thank you for the interview. Final thoughts are surround yourself with positive people negativity is all around you but its when you choose to surround yourself with positive people then you will be better then the rest. Remember you DON'T need a certain number of friends you just need a certain number of friends you can be certain of. Don't reach for the sky reach for the planets.

Stay Blessed Everyone-D.Brown




Anonymous said...

She's dope as hell happy to see a woman coming up in the industry

Nnamz said...

yes i agree, thanks for the comment. dont forget to follow her on twitter, and follow my blog thanks :)

Marissa said...

great interview! can't wait to see Kandy Castle :)