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January 31, 2010

RRRoger THAT.!

Antonio Azzuolo Autumn(Fall)/Winter - 2009/2010 Men's Collection

it may have felt like i was gone for a while now.
.but i was always here sitting in the back of the crowd
just thinking what i should do with my life
instead of sitting there fussing with my family all night
at least i still have 119 ppl to guide through the fight
welp im still on the grind, my life revolves around time
2010 is mine, its my time to shine, we on that new shxt forget about '09


Marissa said...

wow its been a long time. glad to here ya bac

HipHopCulture said...

ITs good to seeee ya back nnamz. Whats good? Im likee this post. The pics go hardd. Whatsss new anywaysss. pce