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August 8, 2009

Rock star Clothing Line-(DesmondC. NnamzN)

This right here is desmond and I clothng line. I know i ahve been stating that it will be comeing out soon. i wasnt lying to you. So here we go...

Rockstar clothing
created by Desmond C. and Nnamz N.
We collaborated right on tis blogger website.
(its kind of crazy.)
This line is for both sexes. (male and female)
The ine will include shirts hats (sneakers.?)
jeans (skinnys multi colors)
glasses sandals
plaid shirts
jackets sweaters...etc
this will be coming ut to a store near you.
More info will be posted


Kiera said...

o dats watsup
sounds really good.......
cant wait

CrOwn_JeWel said...

sounds hot. follow my blog im followin yours