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July 10, 2009

ToDAY!!!...and extra stuff

Whats up Bloggers?
I just wokr up to a scortching hot day.Its kind of boring already. Going rock climbing Monday soi wont be on for awhile, going to see new runss house episode for real!!!..Desmond and I are working hard for this LABEL....really hard,,,,fingers hurt (lmao)...oh yea gues what im getting my G1 back when school start i have a temp. phone for right now though. itsa flip phone eww...who has that anymore...its alll aboutbthe touch screen and sliding now a days...when bloggers keep blogging...haters keep hating..and i will keep doing me...."Imitated but never duplicted."
Peace Love Passion


Kiera said...

im loving ur blog.....
ima follow u

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dude you commented whats up i follow you, you follow me??

Sam said...

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Gadgets and Fashion said...

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